The creativity with which the videos are shot and their quality, appearing as part of the live stream of the events cannot be guaranteed, it is subject to the equipment used to cover the event and the location of the event, both of which is not managed by our company but is arranged by the client/distributor. We only obtain the live feed from the professional videographers assigned to cover the event and host it on our servers for the duration of the event. The streaming quality also depends on the viewer’s computer processing speed and local internet connection bandwidth. The user may need to download additional free software/internet browser add-ons/plugins (such as adobe flash player) in order to view the streaming content.

The streaming content will be broadcasted on shaadistreamer.com in accordance to the instructions given by the client. The streaming content shall only be available to viewers that have received their unique code/link from the client.

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Shaadistreamer.com is a part of HyperSonic Media Services Pvt. Ltd. An IT consultancy and R&D company with head office in Chandigarh, India. We operate in all major cities of India and Abroad.
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Shaadistreamer.com would like to provide the service of streaming LIVE weddings across the globe, to allow family and friends watch their loved ones getting married without the need of travelling from distant locations.
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